In Progress: “You’re Here”

Claire Melbourne and I have been working on a duet this semester. It’s a funny little thing about body parts, and memory, and location, and some other stuff. Mostly it seems to be about the two of us in conversation with each other, asking ourselves how we do what do. There’s an element of our day-to-day in it: the mood we were in when we created a certain section, that one thing that made us laugh so much, that part we can’t quite agree on but we’re keeping it in the dance anyway.  It’s not near finished and needs quite a bit of editing, but here it is as a rough compilation of our ideas:

While I’m eager for us to reach that point where we feel confident in what we’re offering through our work, I actually hope this dance doesn’t loose its air of curiosity. I like that it feels not very grand, not very sure, even a little obscure. There are so many boisterous, exuberant dances out there in the world, and while I like many of them, those aren’t the only kind of dances to make or to watch or to dance alongside. There are dances that change our lives, and then there are dances that we remember only in dreams. I think this duet belongs to the latter.

Claire and I are looking forward to continuing to work on this duet throughout the winter and showing it, in a more completed form, at the OSU Dept of Dance’s Spring Concert in April.


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