Summer Solo Studio Practice #12

I spent yesterday at the beach, which while relaxing, has left my body tired and dehydrated, so I sit down to drink a bottle of water and journal a bit.

I spread out on the floor and take some time to put my body together. X-rolls, heel rocks, leg swings. Such classic, almost unquestioned pathways of contemporary dance training. I wonder if these will ever go out of style?

I feel better once I start moving. My heart is pumping, my muscles are working but not straining.

I want to move on to something new, so I experiment with taking my landmarks drawing and creating a spatial design in the studio out of it.


It has no logic so it’s hard to remember when placed on the 2D surface of the studio floor, but eventually I master it. I record it and look at the video, but it just looks erratic and not in a good way. I don’t think it reads as anything to the viewer.

But, I love the hidden images inside of it: A horse, a person, a nose, a kite, a sail, a thigh. The abstraction from my body onto paper is interesting.

Perhaps this is where some other medium might come in. A projection? Props? What if my body could draw the pathways for the audience to see?

How do I take something on paper into space?

I want to make more movement, so I return to my landmarks list and make more moves.

16 landmarks in order and then reverse:

It feels smooth and unfamiliar at the same time.

I like that there’s no repetition (I often lean too much on repetition for structure), but I like how the movement references itself: Right hip left rib, left shoulder, right thigh.

Something about this sequence feels encouraging and I decide I should keep investigating it. I so rarely spend much time on movement invention, but I think it’s good for me.

I make a list of what I have made so far this summer:

  1. Text phrase (which came from mapping and my original landmarks investigation + textual sound score)
  2. Fluid body on the floor
  3. Fluid body standing up
  4. Floor Map of landmarks image
  5. New Landmarks Body Map

What to do with any of it?

All of it seems to be circling around ideas of pathways, new connections, and a sense of lines vs. fluidity (or both).

There’s a relationship between the 2D image and the flesh and blood of the body. Translation and transcription?

Perhaps I am just building a toolbox of materials that will be put to use at a later time.


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