Summer Solo Studio Practice # 13

I’m anxious to work today, but don’t really know where to begin. It seems like I should try to start structuring some things, try some different layouts.

I jump right into an improvisation to warm up my body and my mind. Too restless today for a codified warm-up.

The sounds from the city pour in from the window. I find them rattling and disrupting. 

I try putting sections from my Text Phrase,  Fluid Body Standing, and New Landmarks Body Map together into a sequence of events. I record it and watch it:

I immediately decide it looks like a run on sentence and scrap it.

I try putting my New Landmarks Body Map phrase into a spatial design of moving from upstage to downstage and repeat the phrase twice:

Mildly satisfying but not really anything here in the way of structure or a hint at something that should come after/before/in between.

I do it again next to the wall, filmed from the front. Then filmed from side. Then I lay down and try to do it on the floor and end up just giving up for a while on my side.

I close my eyes and breathe.  Let my muscles relax, my organs settle, my mind rest.

These are the moments when I really hate being in the studio by myself. I can make moves until I’m blue in the face but I never know why.  The glue is much easier for me to see between people than within myself.

I decide to follow the wisdom of an old teacher, “When in doubt, move about,” so I improvise to revive my spirit.

I draw what I feel in my body:


Thin, meandering lines for a thin, meandering day.

I need something to hold to, so I create a tag to my New Landmarks Body Map. It feels easy and satisfying, and I leave the studio looking forward to coming back next time.


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