Summer Solo Studio Practice #16

Today is my last official studio practice day (for summer 2017 course credit that is).

It’s morning. I feel energized and ready to dance.

I warm up thoroughly, taking care of my left knee as it has been bothering me lately.

I decide to take what I worked on last time, review it, and then blow it all apart.

First, an even more developed Revised Personal NYC Landmarks:

Then, I take material from my full New Landmarks Body Map, my first NYC Landmarks study, my Text Phrase, and my Revised Personal NYC Landmarks study and mash them together.

Cut. Paste. Splice. Combine. Throw Out.

I fling myself into it. I want the specificity of gesture but the fullness of the entire body.

I get confused.

I stop and start, stop and start. Almost have it and then…brain fart.

I practice it until I can start to trust myself to find my way inside of it.

And then I dance it. Record it. A whole array of different investigations/motivations/inspirations crammed into less than two minutes.

I enjoy doing it, and I can sense that with some time the physicality of it would deepen.

Inside of it I can sense what it might be in performance, places where I should focus, where I could pause, where I could reveal myself beyond the physical achievement of the movements.

It’s unfinished, and could use more work, but I’m tired.

I cool down feeling grateful for the time I spent finding it.

I still say that I don’t “make” dances but uncover them. Peel/chip/carve away until something is revealed. The most important part of finding dances is waiting for them to speak to you.

And that takes time.

My knee feels great as I walk down the stairs and on to the street.

I’ll return to this in the fall.


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