Summer Solo Studio Practice: Conclusion

This summer, I set out to continue my studio practice with a number of intentions in mind. Primarily,

  1. To continue my investigations of space and place, and specifically, how to locate some of those questions in my own body
  2. To keep moving and further the development of my studio practice

In essence, I’ve met those goals over the past two months, with an appropriate amount of variation, of course. Naturally, I ended up somewhere different than where I started, which just seems to be the way of things.  It seemed important throughout the past two months to be open, follow impulse, and basically, enjoy having studio time with no pressure to create a finished product. Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice: Conclusion”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #16

Today is my last official studio practice day (for summer 2017 course credit that is).

It’s morning. I feel energized and ready to dance.

I warm up thoroughly, taking care of my left knee as it has been bothering me lately.

I decide to take what I worked on last time, review it, and then blow it all apart.

Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #16”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #15

I enter the space. I warm up. I practice.

I think about the difference between practice and rehearsal. My time in the studio this summer has felt so much more like a practice, which has been incredibly satisfying. Taking the pressure off of needing to have a finished product has helped keep me out of rehearsal mode.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #15”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #14

Sometimes listening to your body is a better way to move forward than thinking about what needs to be done from a structural or visual point of view.

Even though I’m craving some structure to put a nice bow around what I’ve been working on this summer, my body is telling me to just keep moving, keep making.

So I listen.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #14”

Summer Solo Studio Practice # 13

I’m anxious to work today, but don’t really know where to begin. It seems like I should try to start structuring some things, try some different layouts.

I jump right into an improvisation to warm up my body and my mind. Too restless today for a codified warm-up.

The sounds from the city pour in from the window. I find them rattling and disrupting.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice # 13”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #12

I spent yesterday at the beach, which while relaxing, has left my body tired and dehydrated, so I sit down to drink a bottle of water and journal a bit.

I spread out on the floor and take some time to put my body together. X-rolls, heel rocks, leg swings. Such classic, almost unquestioned pathways of contemporary dance training. I wonder if these will ever go out of style?

I feel better once I start moving. My heart is pumping, my muscles are working but not straining. Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #12”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #11

It’s hot in the city today.  The studio is glorious but not air conditioned.

I take it slow.

Moving, stretching, organizing, trying not to overheat.

I focus on breath and sensing my skin.

Despite my work last week with the text, I decide to let go of it. I want to resist having to “make something” in favor of continued exploration.

There is more to discover.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #11”