“Making it Visible”

This semester, I enrolled in a course in the Art and Technology department called Art 5101: From Molecules to Ecosystems. On a micro level, we studied plants and how they function on this planet. We even spent time looking at plant stomata under microscopes. On a macro level, we studied climate change and many of the current environmental problems facing our planet. Throughout the course, we explored how art and artmaking processes can help human relate and connect to their environment in new ways, maybe for the better.

One of our assignments in this course was to take something that is normally unseen or difficulty to understand, and “make it visible” in our art.  As a dance artist, my interest is in our own bodies and how we move through, breathe with, and live within our environment. So, I decided to take my class of predominately  visual art students outdoors to participate in their first ever “movement” improvisation. Take a look:


Wrapping Up Intermedia

Intermedia is a way of practicing and art-making. It considers the material aspects of bodies, performance, and environment to create new worlds. 

This is the definition I’ve landed on to describe Intermedia. Of course, Intermedia is also many other things: technology, immersive space, screens, lights, motion capture, dance, theater, computers, digital, paper, people, and on and on and on. For me, distilling Intermedia down to a method or approach allows to be more encompassing than trying to describe everything that it is.  Continue reading “Wrapping Up Intermedia”

Transient Passage through varied ambiances

This past Monday, I presented a new work called Transient Passage through varied ambiances at a small studio showing for the Department of Dance.  The result of a semester-long process involving outdoor improvisations and collaborative making strategies,  this work-in-progress explored sensation, memory, and embodied modes of trace-making in relationship to place.

I went into this process with questions about affect as a connective tissue between the body and its surroundings. Simply by taking an improvisatory process out of the studio and into an outdoor setting, what sensations, emotions, and perceptions could be heightened in the body? How can we intuitively respond to the elements of space in the same way that dancers often intuitively respond to each other in improvisation? Is it possible to truly embody our perceptions of space?  And then, how do we capture those sensations as generative material for choreography? Continue reading “Transient Passage through varied ambiances”

In Process: Outdoor Improvisation and Sensory Exploration of Place

This semester I’ve been working on developing choreographic material based on a series of outdoor improvisations.  Our goal has been to research the affective relationship between the body and its environment through sensory-based improvisation and collaborative dance making processes.

We will actually be having an informal studio showing on Dec. 4 to show this work, but until then, check out this video, filmed and edited by Brianna Johnson, to see some of our improvisation in action. Enjoy!

Intermedia: Mid-term Update

This semester I am taking Intermedia with Norah Zuniga-Shaw. This course, offered to both undergrads and grads, serves as an opportunity for students to learn about, discuss, and collaboratively create Intermedia performance projects.

As someone who has not typically been attracted to working with technology in the past, I went into this course knowing that I’d feel a little out of my element. Throughout our lab time, our discussions, and our readings, I’ve attempted to work through those feelings of discomfort (and sometimes disinterest) to find some ways in which I can relate to the material and continue to grow as an artist. Here are just a few of the course elements that have drawn me in: Continue reading “Intermedia: Mid-term Update”

Summer Solo Studio Practice: Conclusion

This summer, I set out to continue my studio practice with a number of intentions in mind. Primarily,

  1. To continue my investigations of space and place, and specifically, how to locate some of those questions in my own body
  2. To keep moving and further the development of my studio practice

In essence, I’ve met those goals over the past two months, with an appropriate amount of variation, of course. Naturally, I ended up somewhere different than where I started, which just seems to be the way of things.  It seemed important throughout the past two months to be open, follow impulse, and basically, enjoy having studio time with no pressure to create a finished product. Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice: Conclusion”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #16

Today is my last official studio practice day (for summer 2017 course credit that is).

It’s morning. I feel energized and ready to dance.

I warm up thoroughly, taking care of my left knee as it has been bothering me lately.

I decide to take what I worked on last time, review it, and then blow it all apart.

Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #16”