Summer Solo Studio Practice #10

I start with improvisation today, feeling already in the creative mood. I’m tired from a bad night’s sleep but I’m anxious to move.

A restless mind sometimes encourages an energized body.

Temporarily at least.

I focus on the bloodstream, sensing the distance of my body, the inner channels I can take. Being in the city has me craving fluidity, flow, a liquid sensibility to counteract the concrete, the hard wall of heat and noise.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #10”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #9

The city is sweltering today. 98 degrees in New York is a messy, smelly business.

I enter the studio feeling sticky and disoriented. It’s strange to be in a place that feels so familiar and unreal at the same time. Like a piece of clothing you used to love that no longer seems quite right.

Despite my sense of strangeness and dislocation, it feels luxurious to be in the studio.  It’s been 10 days since I danced and my body needs attention.

I start of the floor, feeling a little dizzy from the heat. Heel rocks. X rolls. Legs swings.

I reorient to my body in this new place, in this particular time.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #9”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #8

I’m tired today when I enter the studio. It’s been a busy week that has worn on my reserves.

I start on the floor, noticing sensation. I start with my skin, and then open up my hearing. I realize that I’m feeling tense because I’m in a different studio than I normally use. I feel exposed in this space somehow and keep looking back at the door as if someone might enter.

I try to open myself up to the room. There’s nothing to be gained from such an irrational fear. I allow my heart space to fill with breath and my perception to open beyond the walls of the room. It helps and I begin to feel better.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #8”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #7

It feels like summer today outdoors. Being in the studio feels a little cramped and sterile.

I start with an improvisation on finding space in between the joints of my body. I start at the feet and the ankles, letting the bones glide. I move to the knees and hips, inviting my weight to drop. I start sweating quickly.

I imagine the space between my vertebrae moving, find spirals and points of connection between the ribs, the sternum, the collarbones. My skull balances on top, responding to the shifting underneath.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #7”

Summer Solo Study Practice #6

I start on the floor today, letting my weight take the lead. I continue with some organized floor work, standing exercises.

I feel strong today.

I improvise on a theme of width and breadth, letting the horizontal pull anchor me into the room before returning to my work from last session. It goes much easier this time. I find my eyes and my pelvis and my feet in coordination with the floor and each other. Continue reading “Summer Solo Study Practice #6”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #5

I enter the room today with a plan: spend more time in pause.

Yi-Fu Tuan: “If we think of space as that which allows movement, then place is pause; each pause in movement makes it possible for location to be transformed into place.”

Pauses allow spaciousness of experience, opportunities for both centering and opening of awareness. I’m wondering if experiencing pause can bring me new attention to the place of my body.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #5”

Summer Solo Studio Practice #4

I’m both excited and exhausted today. The day has been long and it’s only 2pm.

I start with a vigorous improvisation of no particular theme. I let my frantic impulses of the day guide me. I sense a change in how my body is adapting to this solo practice from where I began two weeks ago. It feels like a familiar friend now.  Continue reading “Summer Solo Studio Practice #4”